Terms and Conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

1 Definition

1.1 ‘Contract’ – the document or documents setting out the services to be provided by us together with these terms and conditions and a signed contract acceptance form or proposal.

1.2 ‘You’, ‘the Client’ – the person, firm or organisation engaging our services.

1.3 ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Wild Cherry Events’ ABN 49323670035.

1.4 Our ‘services’ – the services to be provided by us which include but are not limited to: event planning, event design, event management, event hosting, provision of marketing support, project management, graphic design processes, market research, PR services, sponsorship.

1.5 ‘Our suppliers’ – supply partners we work with to provide services/products.


2.1 All quotes are valid for 14 days. During the validity period, all products/services quoted are held reserved for the Client. The Client must pay a deposit within this time period to reserve the specified installation time & equipment quoted. After the validity period has passed and the quotation has expired, the Client no longer has any hold on the products and timing and the Client must contact Wild Cherry Events before paying deposit to confirm if the products are still available. Paying a deposit after the quote has expired will not confirm the booking. The products/services can only be re-offered provided they are still available, and not allocated to other events/Clients.

2.2 All quotations are valid for the specified event only. Where the products/services are used for a second event, Wild Cherry Events is entitled to charge the Client the full costs for the second event. Wild Cherry Events often can charge a reduced fee where the second event is advised and discussed beforehand.

2.3 All quotations are dependent on Wild Cherry Events being given appropriate access to deliver, install and dismantle its products/services on the day/times specified in the quotation. These arrangements are to be confirmed by the venue and the Client with Wild Cherry Events before the deposit is paid.

2.4 Wild Cherry Events has the right to pass on any price increases on sub-hire equipment by suppliers.

2.5 Wild Cherry Events has the right to pass on any increase in labour due to the last-minute change, including additional fees incurred through late night or early morning installations or dismantling or waiting 30 minutes due to delays outside the control of Wild Cherry Events. Wild Cherry Events has the right to pass on any increases in labour due to changes in award rates and conditions.

2.6 Wild Cherry Events has a minimum styling fee of $650 on all events. 

3 Fees and Payments

3.1 The fees in respect of services provided will be agreed and specified under separate cover.

3.2 A deposit of 25% (or pre event administration component, whichever is greater) will be paid upon signing the contract unless otherwise agreed. 

3.3 Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are to remain at 25% of the original quoted price. 

3.4 In paying the deposit, the client accepts and agrees to comply with all Wild Cherry Events terms & conditions.

3.5 Please inform Wild Cherry Events when & how deposit has been paid.

3.6 Full payment shall be made no less than 28 days prior to the event / services.

3.7 For events / services booked with more than 30 days lead time: a booking fee of 25% shall be due immediately upon signature of the contract, with the outstanding 75% to be paid no less than 14 days before the event / services. No events / services are guarenteed until the deposit is paid. Wild Cherry Events will not hold dates / hire equipment until a deposit is paid.

3.8 For graphic design services, Wild Cherry Events will include one complimentary edit/change to the initial design. Additional changes will be charged at our standard hourly rates (or agreed hourly rates). Design files are not provided unless specifically agreed. If design files are requested, fees will apply.

3.9 Whereby an invoice is overdue, Wild Cherry Events. reserves the right to charge interest. Interest will be calculated daily at a rate of 3% pa.

3.10 Wild Cherry Events may be offered commission or incentives from suppliers from time to time. We will happily disclose any commissions/incentives upon request. Our guarantee to you is that we will always have your (the client) best interests in mind and will endeavour to find the best fit for ensuring value for money is delivered.

3.11 Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or Cash.

Account Name: Wild Cherry Events
BSB: 484799
Account: 607744242
*Please ensure Invoice number is used as reference.

4 When the contract starts

4.1 The contract starts when you have agreed to use our services and signed our agreement/proposal acceptance form by which you agree to keep these conditions.

4.2 If at any time a supplier we have engaged is not able to provide the product / service as originally quoted, we will endeavour to find a replacement of similar value / quality.

5 Your responsibility

5.1 In providing our services, in particular hosting events, any reasonable instruction given to you by us or our suppliers must be followed. In the event that you or your guests fail to follow our reasonable instructions, resulting in loss or damage, you will be liable for said loss or damage.

5.2 For each preferred supplier, we will advise you in respect of their terms and conditions and payment schedule. Wild Cherry Events is unable to make advance payments to suppliers on your behalf (unless otherwise agreed). You must ensure we have received cleared payment in time for us to meet supplier’s payment schedules. We cannot be held liable if you fail to clear the necessary funds in time to meet these obligations and the supplier then withdraws their service.”  Wild Cherry Events will not be held liable for any outstanding payments to suppliers on your behalf. Any external suppliers used will be the client’s responsibility.

6 Limits of our liability

6.1 Wild Cherry Events does not accept any liability for non‐completion of an event or for any delays arising as a result of strikes, riots or lockouts, adverse weather conditions, loss, damage or cancellation due to fire, flood or any other cause beyond its control.

6.2 The liability of Wild Cherry Events in respect of any breach of the Contract, including any applied terms shall not extend to any consequential loss whatsoever suffered by the client or their guests.

7 Insurance

7.1 We have public liability insurance up to the sum of $20 Million AUD.

7.2 We advise you to take out separate insurance for your event. This will cover possible loss or damage to our equipment, or that of our suppliers, used at your event. If you wish us to handle this on your behalf and include it in our service, details will be set out under separate cover and will be added to your bill.

8 Damaged & Missing Goods

8.1 The Client is liable for any damage, loss or breakage of goods from time of pickup, delivery or install until returned, collected or dismantled to/by Wild Cherry Events staff. A bond of $200 will be charged on all hire equipment and events.

8.2 Replacement & repair costs will be charged at the discretion of the supplier, regardless of whether the client, venue or guest damaged the item.

8.3 Replacement costs are charged in full. It is up to the client to follow up payment if damaged by a third party during the hire period.

9 Variations to Installation & Dismantle

9.1 Delays in access to the venue for installation or removal will incur a standby charge at the rate of $50.00 per hour. Electrical power is to be provided by the Client/Venue as per the agreed conditions. Wild Cherry Events does not warrant the suitability, capacity or electricity supply arrangement unless specifically provided by Wild Cherry Events.

9.2 In the event that an unforeseen situation occurs and changes to the design have to be made, Wild Cherry Events will make every endeavour to contact the Client to approve any changes. If, however, the Client is not contactable, Wild Cherry Events reserves the right to alter the design to fit in with the constraints. By paying the deposit, the Client agrees to this potential situation.

9.3 Adverse weather conditions & garden watering systems can affect outdoor setups. The Client agrees not to undertake any garden watering in proximity to the installed equipment, and acknowledges that while every effort is made to minimise the impact of adverse weather, any consequences of adverse weather remains the Client’s risk and Wild Cherry Events are to be reimbursed for any damages/ replacement of their equipment.

9.4 Wild Cherry Events will not adjust, dismantle, install any existing fixtures in the venue that are going to affect the agreed design. Please ensure also that the workspace is clear of furniture and hazards unless negotiated with Wild Cherry Events.

9.5 In the event of adverse weather conditions that prevent the event or hired goods being installed or taking place at the arranged site, no monies will be refunded. Wild Cherry Events will do their best to accommodate any reasonable request to setup the event in an alternate location providing this does not interfere with other bookings/clients. If there is a chance of inclement weather that will affect hired good a decision must be made no later than 12 hours prior to the arranged install time.

10 Problems Before & During Event

10.1 Once installation is complete, all lights/decorations are checked by Wild Cherry Events and left in full working & clean order. 

10.2 If lighting or decorations are found to be not working/ in order, Wild Cherry Events should be contacted within this period or as soon as it is noticed (0421328740) so they have time to fix any problems. If the Venue/ Client does not contact Wild Cherry Events, Wild Cherry Events cannot be held accountable for any problems and the client will not be entitled to any refund.

11 Ending this contract

11.1 We may end this contract if: You break its terms; or as a company you become bankrupt/enter into a voluntary agreement with creditor/a receiver is appointed. Under these circumstances it will end immediately and we will recover costs.

11.2 Change of date: Subject to written notice to Wild Cherry Events we may agree to a change of date. In this case work completed to date will be payable upon receipt of an invoice, and you will be requoted on any additional hours/work required.

11.3 Wild Cherry Events will do its utmost to ensure that your event goes ahead. However, if a supplier pulls out at a late date, we will try to find a replacement but will not be liable.

11.4 In the event that you need to cancel your event and a change of date is not agreed upon:

  • If cancellation occurs prior to 45 days pre service/event delivery we will retain the 25% booking fee.
  • Within 0-30 days pre service/event the full contracted amount is payable.

11.5 Wild Cherry Events reserve the right to cancel the booking if payment in full is not received within 14 days of the event. Monies paid will not be refunded.

11.6 All cancellations must be submitted in writing.

12 Event ticketing

12.1 Please refer to individual event terms for details on cancellation terms.

13 Use of Photos

13.1Wild Cherry Events will use the photos of our creative work for promotional purposes. Please let us know if this is an issue.

13.2 All creative work by Wild Cherry Events must be credited accordingly. All publications (media, print, blog, social media) must credit us as the supplier for the concept & items hired within this quote/invoice.

These terms & conditions refer to Wild Cherry Events ABN 49323670035 and the Client firstly being the persons named on the quotation/invoice, then the person requesting the products/services or lastly, the persons making payment for or on behalf of persons requesting the products/services.